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Lumbini Tour

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Lumbini Tour
Lumbini TourLumbini in Nepal
Lumbini Tour in Nepal is a spiritual journey through a site where Prince was born to Queen Mayadevi during a royal entourage to her parental kingdom from Kapilvastu. Lumbini was then the divine forest and the ideal place for Prince Siddhartha’s birth. While passing Lumbini, Queen Mayadevi stopped the journey and during the walk through the forest gave birth to the Prince.

While the Queen died after few days of Prince’s birth, his aunt Gotami became his foster mother and nurtured him with love and affection. Newly born Prince Siddhartha had supernatural signs which indicated that the boy will bring liberation to the world.

Lumbini is revered and worshipped for its strong Buddhist connection and as a part of Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour. Lord Buddha himself in his Mahaparinirvana Sutta mentioned Lumbini as one of the four prominent places for Buddhist Pilgrimage for every follower who wants ultimate liberation.

Lumbini Tour brings a pilgrim closer to the site where Lord Buddha, the paver of the path to peace and calming contemplation was born. Here, the tourists and pilgrims can feel the serene calm perfect for peaceful contemplation and meditation.

Lumbini in Nepal is located at a distance of 22 km from Bhairahawa in the foot hills of Himalayas.

It is just 122 km away from Gorakhpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The next Buddhist site in India closest to Lumbini is Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh (181 km). And Sravasti in UP is about 240 km from the pious site of Buddha’s birth.

Attractions of Lumbini Tour
Lumbini Tour is a great heritage of Nepal attracting many pilgrims and tourists from the world over, for its eternal association with Lord Buddha. The topography of Lumbini is as interesting as the destination itself. Its unique landscape is covered with green forestry and serene ambience. The must visit sites of Lumbini Tour include Maya Devi temple; the Stupas and the Pillar built by Ashoka, etc.

Several shrines have been built up by the devotees from all over the world as an ode to Lord Buddha and his inherent presence in Lumbini. Embarking on a Lumbini Tour is not only a spiritual healing but a beginning of a journey for enlightenment, solace and satisfaction that can begin only in such calm and peaceful surroundings.

Maya Devi Temple - Named on the mother of Prince Siddhartha, Maya Devi Temple is the site where Buddha was born. Excavated by a famous German archaeologist Feuhrer in 1895, this temple complex yielded an Ashokan Pillar, remains of a brick temple and a sandstone sculpture representing the scenes from Lord Buddha’s birth.

The Pushkarni Pond at the south of Maya Devi Temple is another sacred spot featuring the sacred bathing pool. According to the beliefs, Queen Maya took bath in this holy pool before delivering Lord Buddha. The current temple is built gradually and now has numerous Buddhist temples offering perfect time for contemplative meditation.

Lumbini birthplace of the buddhaThe Ashokan pillar - The Ashokan Pillar in Lumbini testifies the age-old heritage of this prominent Buddhist site. Based on the inscription of the site and its glorious attachment with Lord Buddha, Lumbini secured the world heritage status. The pillar is located right behind the western side of Maya Devi Temple. Erected by Ashoka in 249 BC, this 6 meter pillar bears an inscription which follows, “the King paid a royal visit to Lumbini, the place where Buddha Sakyamuni was born. Now, Lumbini village tax is reduced and entitled to the eighth part only.”

Buddhist monastery - The holy monastic zone of Lumbini is a meditative stretch where only monasteries are established. The eastern zone of Lumbini features Theraveda monasteries (the ancient school of Buddhism) whereas the western zone is surrounded by Mahayana and Vajrayana monasteries.

Excursions Tour from Lumbini
Kapilvastu - Kapilvastu was the kingdom where Lord Buddha before enlightenment spent 29 years of his life as a Prince. As an infant, he was first brought to the Kingdom of Kapilvastu. He spent his childhood and days of teenage in complete luxury due to a forecast that the child might renounce everything and become Buddha.

Kapilvastu still is a carrier of Buddha and his beliefs. On the way to this city, one can find many sculptures of Buddhism, which present a serene and calm picture of Kapilvastu.

How to get there
Air - The nearest airport of Bhairahwa is 22 km away from Lumbini and enjoys connectivity with Kathmandu airport. Twenty two international airlines connect Nepal to various other destinations in Asia and the Middle East.

Rail - Just 122 km away from Lumbini, Gorakhpur in India is the nearest railhead.

Road - Lumbini Tour on road enjoys strong connectivity with Bhairahwa and also other important cities of Nepal. India border is just 22 km away from Lumbini.
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